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Wikipedia 「Koki Kameda」

Title bout vs. Landaeta

On August 2, 2006, in his first attempt for the world title, Kameda squared off with Juan Jose Landaeta of Venezuela in Yokohama, Japan. The fight was rather controversial as Kameda won the fight in a 2-1 split decision despite getting knocked down in the first round and being dominated in the final 2 rounds. Further fueling speculation was the fact that the Korean judge who scored the fight 114-113 in Kameda’s favor gave the final round to Kameda 10-9, although the perception by most observers was that the clearly exhausted Japanese boxer did nothing but tie up his opponent and try to avoid being knocked out in that round. If the Korean judge had scored the final round in favor of Landaeta, the Venezuelan would have won the bout. Furthermore, the match reinforced the existence of a home field advantage and bias a foreign fighter must face when fighting on Japanese soil. There were mixed reactions from the Japanese public after the fight. Some 50,000 calls were taken by Tokyo Broadcasting System, the station that broacasted the fight, to complain about the decision. While some hailed the 19 year old’s aggressiveness and impressive technique, others believed Landaeta was obviously the better fighter and exposed Kameda’s inexperience and questionable stamina. Despite the controversial nature of the decision, it was a close, bitterly contested bout. Scoring some of the very close earlier rounds for Kameda would give the young fighter the necessary buffer on the scorecards to required to win, despite Landaeta’s late charge. The two were scheduled for a rematch in October of 2006, but was postponed due to eye injury claims by Kameda’s camp. They will fight again on December 20, 2006.

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