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Wikipedia「Genpei War」

The Genpei Wars (源平合戦, Genpei kassen, Genpei gassen) (1180-1185) were a conflict between the Taira and Minamoto clans in late-Heian period Japan. They resulted in the fall of the Taira clan and establishment of the Kamakura shogunate under Minamoto Yoritomo in 1192.

The name “Genpei” (pronounced and sometimes written as Gempei) comes from alternate readings of the kanji ‘Minamoto’ (源) and ‘Taira’ (平). The conflict is also known in Japanese as the Jisho-Juei War (治承・寿永の乱,), after the two eras in which it took place.

It began with Minamoto support for a different candidate to take the throne, in conflict with the Taira’s nomination. The ensuing Battle of Uji took place just outside Kyoto, starting a five-year long war, concluding with a decisive Minamoto victory in the naval Battle of Dan-no-ura.

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源平合戦(Genpei kassen)は、平安末期(1180年から1185)起こった平氏と源氏の権力闘争の事で最終的には平氏の没落と1192年の源頼朝による鎌倉幕府の開府と言う形で終焉を迎えたのでござる



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